Restaurant strategy is more important than chicken strategy

Most marketers started to ask, 'What is your LinkedIn Strategy, Facebook Strategy, Instagram strategy, or Twitter Strategy?' instead of asking, 'What is your people strategy?'

Social media marketing & advertising is not a strategy because it is all about buying attention on these platforms or wasting your precious time on boosting someone else's channel. But instead of spending time so much time on this platform you must learn to earn the trust of your audience.

Why is social media not a strategy?

Sun Tzu never created any gun strategy or weapon strategy to win wars. Muhammad Yunus never created any bank strategy or mortgage strategy because they focused on the other side of it - people.

'What is your people strategy?' is the right question that needs to be answered. Social media is a tool and a tactic that can be automated or outsourced. Even if it works or not, you don't have to bother much. But the same cannot be applied to the audience whom you want to serve. You can't outsource your thinking to someone else on how to serve your audience.

During adversity times, the effectiveness of your strategy will be tested, and the strength & weakness of your strategy will be exposed.

If your people strategy is strong, you will be spared from bad consequences in those times.

If it is not strong, all of a sudden, you can see the business that relied on tactics such as SEO, ads, social media, personalized recommendations powered by AI, influencer marketing, lowering the price, proved ineffective when there is no strong people strategy.

Tactics are really needed and highly effective only when they leverage the strategy, but tactics don't have anything to do on their own.

‘Strategy deals with the entire business and the products or services you choose to offer.’"