Purpose Brand vs Popular Brands

I believe there are only two types of brand exist

  1. Purpose Brand

  2. Popular Brand

What is Purpose Brand?

A clear purpose brand acts as a two-sided compass. One side guides customers to the right products. The other guides your designers, marketers and advertisers as they create and market new and improved products.


  1. Volvo Cars - Known for Safety

The engineers behind Volvo cars heavily focus on the safety of passengers. That's why they have developed groundbreaking safety features with safety in mind. Customers who purchase these cars are well aware of the reasons behind their choice.

Here’s the Safety features invented by Volvo Cars over the years

  • Three-point seat belts

  • Side-impact protection system (SIPS)

  • Whiplash protection system (WHIPS)

  • Roll Stability Control (RSC)

  • City Safety automatic emergency braking system

  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

  • Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

  • Pilot Assist semi-autonomous driving system

  1. SawZall (With the right blade, your sawzall can cut through wood, nails, fiberglass, branches, plaster, masonry, and metals including aluminum, cast iron, steel, and even high-strength alloys)

  2. IKEA (Ready-to-Assemble furniture)

  3. Google ( To Find Information ‘Just Google It’)

  4. LinkedIn (To Network with business People)

  5. Sensodyne (Toothpaste for sensitive teeth)

and the list goes on and on

Popular Brands

People buy these brands because of their popularity, not because they know the reason behind their purchase.

Find a random person and ask the different between these brands

  • Coke vs Pepsi

  • Louis Vuitton vs Chanel

  • Instagram vs Snapchat

  • Nissan Terrano vs Renault Duster

Nobody know the difference between these brands but they know them because of their popularity.

As an entrepreneur, all you need to do is strive to be a purpose brand instead of being a me-too brand. You don't have to do something extraordinary to be a purpose brand, but when you understand the stories of the people, you can come up with a unique offering which has the probability of becoming a purpose brand”


Here’s the example of a company who is selling “want” instead of “need” hailed as a purpose brand - Little MissMatched

What sets Little MissMatched apart is their emphasis on mismatched patterns and designs. Instead of having matching pairs of socks, Little MissMatched celebrates the idea of mixing and matching different patterns, colors, and styles. 

Their products often come in sets or packs with three or more socks, allowing customers to create fun and eclectic combinations. For example, one pack may include a striped sock, a polka dot sock, and a floral print sock. This concept encourages self-expression and individuality in fashion choices.


Remember that a purpose brand acts as a two-sided compass. One Guides the customers(Girls under 12 year old) to buy right products for them (Little Mismatched) ,other guides the designers, product developers to create and improve new products(MissMatched Patterns - mixing and matching different patterns, colors and styles)

Note: Purpose brand is not inventing some “fictitious purpose” for your brand