Positioning as a service

How can you differentiate yourself when your products and services are very similar to dozens of restaurants in the market?

Let's take the example of a hotel in Salem, India, where the restaurant is run by a couple. Instead of changing their menu, improving customer service, or even altering their pricing model, they have implemented a single strategy that not only sets their restaurant apart but has also received immense applause from the city residents.

Do you know what they did?

One day, the couple observed that the family members accompanying patients to a government hospital didn't bring any food for themselves; they only had biscuits and milk. This incident inspired the couple to offer a free meal coupon to at least 20 people to dine in their restaurant. However, they later realized that some people might feel guilty accepting a free meal. As a result, they decided to provide a discounted coupon meal for at least 50 people per day, priced at only 10 Rupees.

By doing so, they not only received goodwill from the people, but this news will also inspire fellow restaurant owners in the city to behave generously and assist those in need.

"Think about the chain effect this incident can cause and how many people can be benefited by this act."

Destroy the world if even a single person doesn't have food

Subramanya Bharathi